Thursday, December 3, 2009

Been having some more trouble with my leg and other common African ailments, so haven't been able to post as often as I'd like. I was at least able to play golf on our X-Box, but it died the other day, and we do not have a Bunda X-Box dealer. It will have to wait to go back to the States in February with the group. Then we will wait until the next group comes, probably next summer to get it back. There are a few disadvantages to living so far away, but we knew that when we came. We put up our little (ten inches high) Christmas tree with lights and tiny ornaments and set up the minature nativity scene that Martha gave us. That is the extent of our Christmas decorations and may be the only tree and nativity scene in all of Bunda. Christmas is a quiet, religious holiday here marked more by church services three days in a row than anything else. There are no ads, no parties, no decorations in stores or on the streets, no carols from loudspeakers, no snow, no cold, and no one goes into debt. I like it. The birth of our Savior should not bring depression and debt but hope and excitement for the future. That's the message here. Hope. The hope that Jesus brings changes everything here and brings happiness with it to a people unaccustomed to joy.
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