Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A word about roofs and rain. When we build any building here, especially churches, the last thing to build is the roof. It is the most expensive. The church members can make their own bricks, find their own stones, and supply their own labor. A good example is the church in Mugango. We (visitors and ourselves) bought cement and reinforcing rods--about $500 worth. The church members did the rest as you can see in the picture at the left. Now, they need a roof. During the rainy season, people don't come because the tarps only cover part of the roof and they leak. The strong, treated wood for the roof trusses and the metal to cover them (called "iron sheets" here) will cost about $3,000. The members will do the work, but they can't raise that kind of money, and neither can we. If you, or your church, would like to tackle this project, we would be very grateful, as would the pastor and members of the church there. I have posted pictures of how this church started a lean to and how it is grown. With a proper roof, the church will grow and flourish. The door and windows can be added one at a time, it is the roof that is the greatest need. This church is just one example of how Methodism is expanding and changing the face of East Africa. Maybe you can help.
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