Saturday, November 14, 2009

We had some visitors from the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday. They may be offering a grant to the women's group from the church who are working on selling biosand filters. We will have a meeting with the ladies today and then more government people will be coming on Monday. This is through an initiative to save energy. The women's group submitted a proposal and it was accepted by a group out of Nairobi with an office in Mwanza. It is the people from Mwanza who came today and will be coming again on Monday with more government types. The man in charge is Beny Mwenda (he bought two solar cookers) of the Developing Energy Enterprises Project (DEEP) who works for the Ministry of Agriculture whose Cabinet Minister is Stephen Wasira from Bunda who has been here and seen the filters. Things work slowly here, but they work, praise God. We have internet back after two and half months, and we are very happy. Of course, we lost three circuit breakers and no outlets in the house work now. An electrician was supposed to come yesterday to fix things, but didn't show up. We will try to find a new one today. Samson's mother died and he is off and won't be back till Tuesday. I promised some animal pictures, so they are at left.
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