Thursday, November 5, 2009

We cleaned out the shed today and found all kinds of stuff that had been missing for years. We also filled several wheelbarrows with trash that someone had once thought worth saving. Some people are like that, only see themselves as trash. Others see them as trash, too, as worthless, but God sees them as worth saving--and will save them if they but ask. I know about that because I was that trash. I remember in seminary some of the young students didn't want to sing the line in Amazing Grace, ". . . that saved a wretch like me." They wanted to change it to ". . . that saved a soul like me." Most of the older students protested and won the day because we all knew what it was to be a "wretch" or "trash" in the eyes of others, and in our own eyes as well. Happily, God doesn't see us the way we see ourselves--He sees us as He knows we can be. Kinda like an antique car restorer doesn't see the rusted junker--he sees the completely restored car that will win blue ribbons at the antique car shows after he works on it. I am so truly and completely grateful that God didn't see me as "trash" or allow me to look at myself that way after He entered and embraced my life. In God's eyes, there is no "trash", only beautiful potential waiting to be restored by the Master's touch--if you will let Him. Let Him!
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