Friday, November 6, 2009

Today, I was back at work. Drove to Musoma to check on repairs for car, refilled a propane tank, got the spare fixed on the car we are using, took some mosquito nets and other medical supplies to the Coptic Hospital, had a nice visit with the doctors there, heard once again that maybe tomorrow we will get internet back, and went by our version of the DMV to check on why I had the papers up to date but had not received the sticker for my windshield. Then stopped at Kotra on the way back to pick up some jelly for Karen and some pork sausages for John. Drove home during a driving rainstorm during which the driver side windshield wiper died. Had to pull over and hope nothing hit me till the heavy rain had passed. Nothing did, so I am home all dry and tired and having to fix the windshield wiper now. As Gilda Radner wrote, "It's Always Something!" Keep my 95 year old mom in your prayers--she fell and broke a hip yesterday in Heber Springs.
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