Saturday, November 21, 2009

On Friday, we made it to Musoma to cash a check, see about the status on the car repair, pay our internet bill now that we have it back, and went to the Coptic Hospital for b/p meds and to have them check my leg. The German doctor who was there (visiting for a month) looked at it and said it was healing but not to be in any hurry. It would take four or five months to heal--till then just deal with the pain and the ugly blotches. Story of my life. Of course, it rained the whole time. We saw a dola-dola (cheap taxi for 18 people) upside down in a ditch. It had slid off the road in the rain the night before. Then we went home where it wasn't raining--for four whole hours. More rain last night and today. Everyone in Tanzania has until the end of December to register their cell phones or have them confiscated. Paul, bless his heart, went and stood in line for two hours to get his and our phones registered. What a nice man, he is. Now, more rain. These are not the short rains. Must be a sign of global wetting. Keep us in your prayers and all those with leaky roofs. Flu and pneumonia are killers here and lots of rain makes it worse.
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