Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On the fourth day, he played Tiger Woods Golf on the PlayStation3. Feeling much better. Paul's situation is still up in the air, but he has calmed down quite a lot. Yesterday afternoon, two wazungo (a man and his wife) dropped by and wanted to bring a group of twelve Baptists here next year in August for a couple of weeks. They were from Memphis, and they were very pleased with the place and now we just wait to see what else the Lord has in mind for us. They had heard of us through a man in Mwanza (Peter) who has bought several filters from us, and he brought them up here. They are also working with the Baptist pastor here in Bunda and will be doing a women's group in the nearby Baptist church while doing a men's group here in our Methodist church. I think they also said they wanted to do something with children. I was still partially out of it from the malaria and didn't even get their names but did manage to give our email to them.
If you didn't already know, Karen feeds the kids she teaches every day. They do well as a result since the local schools provide nothing in the way of nourishment for the students. Most of Karen's students over the last three years have been the sons and daughters of teachers who have done very well on their national English tests. Now, there may or may not be a connection here, but the Bunda School District is going to start serving ujii (porridge) to all the elementary students every morning. Whether Karen's school played a part in this or not, we are very happy to see the schools take this very positive step forward.
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