Monday, November 30, 2009

Learned today that not only do we have a new District Commissioner who is unhappy with the state of education here, but he fired the old Director of Education who gave us so much trouble over the library. I think we may be moved off the back burner now. Karen will meet with the new officers later this week or next. Pastor Godson is using a part of our property to make some very hard bricks for use in places where bare bricks are eroded by the rain. He is using sand and cement to make them and will sell them for $ .20 each. We will buy quite a few to replace many of our own that have been broken down by all this rain. We were also very happy to learn that Bob and Patricia Harlan of Jonesboro will be coming this January with Jerry, Amy, Amy's sister Lilly, and a friend of Lilly's, so we will have six here for a while. Lilly and her friend won't stay long because they will travel to another part of Tanzania where Lilly's late husband did a lot of work, but the other four will be here for a month or so which makes us very happy. We will get a lot of work done. If we haven't already said it, "Have a blessed holiday season and remember why we have one."
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