Sunday, November 15, 2009

The ladies group had a good meeting yesterday. One of the government people who came on Friday is planning to come to Bunda and stay at his own expense while John teaches him linux. This could be the beginning of long-term government training project. I spent my 65th birthday getting a sewing machine to the church at Karikakari (Festo took it on a bus), picking up a new electrician who managed to get our wiring sorted out (the other electrician showed up after the work was all done), getting the driver side windshield wiper fixed (not being able to drive in the rain is difficult in the short rains season), dealing with a few small staff problems, and getting to play Tiger Woods golf. My son, Keith, had a video chat with my grandaughter and his wife, and my son, Chris, called. Karen and John got me a really terrific Maisha Na Maji shirt and matching pants that I will wear today. I had a terrific birthday dinner, too. Birthdays are not celebrated in this culture--which is fine with me. Thanks to all who sent notes via email and Facebook. More safari photos at left. John has posted a whole slew of pictures at if you want to see more.
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