Monday, November 2, 2009

I am in the third day of malaria symptoms, the vomiting, diarrhea, high fever, chills, and killer headaches are under control--leaving only nausea, low grade fever, dehydration, and fatigue to deal with. In contrast, the third day is a blessing and a day of grateful praise to God. After four or five days, only fatigue is left and that hangs around for a month or so, but you are alive and wanting to get back to business even though slowly.
Paul and his family were evicted from their house on Saturday, although the court has allowed them to stay on while the case is being heard. It seems Paul's brother (or cousin) mortgaged the house by forging Paul's mother's name to the deed (a problem for the brother since Paul's mother cannot write and uses a thumb print to sign things). He used the money to go into the cotton business and failed miserably losing over 3,500,000 Tsh in the process. The creditors came and laid claim to the house. Bwana Masele is a judge and is helping. It looks like the brother may go to jail and the claim disallowed because of the forged signature. This is what we are praying for and helping pay for attorney's fees and magistrate's fees. Of course, Paul is upset but we are calming him down. This is a lesson that is hardly unique to Tanzania, but a hard one to have to live with for anyone.
Keep Paul and his family in your prayers and thanks for the prayers for me. Next time, pray I don't get it all rather than for healing after I get it--okay?
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