Monday, November 9, 2009

Death is again visiting the families of our staff. Lusi lost a dear friend and neighbor to malaria on Thursday. Saturday morning, Juliana's sister-in-law died of malaria and typhoid. The custom here is for visiting the day of the death, burial within twenty-four hours, and then sitting with the family for two more days. If the death is nearby, everyone must refrain from working where they can be seen--no digging in the garden, no construction, nothing that would detract from the mourning. Although we have a full-time staff of six with two part-time people, we almost never have everyone here on the same day. Someone always is sick, has a child that is sick, or is mourning the loss of a neighbor or family member. Today, Lusi is back, so we have three and a half workers today. Communion was celebrated yesterday in the Bunda church using the chalice and paten that were sent to us as gifts from Broadmoor UMC in Baton Rouge, LA. They picked fifty missionaries world-wide and sent these hand made chalices and patens to them. Don't know how we got on the list, but we gratefully received the gift. Today, Karen and I are packing to go on a three-day, two-night safari staying in a tented camp (tents but with concrete floors, thatching over the top of the tent, and a western-style bathroom in each tent). Will post pictures when we get back. The safari is a gift from the safari company which is paying for everything but park fees and from the One Book Foundation which is paying the park fees. It will be a nice break. It is raining every day, but only for a few hours, so we should have the park pretty much to ourselves since it is off season.
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