Friday, November 13, 2009

Back from the safari, tired but very happy. The weather was so cold and rainy that Karen was in too much pain to go, so John went in her place, and we had a father and son adventure. We saw animals and events that I had never seen before, and I have been on five safaris and driven across the Serengeti on two occasions in the last five years. Everyone who goes sees something no one else has seen because that's the nature of nature. We also did a night-time game drive and got to see a bush baby (their cry is like that of a human infant) which is a type of very small monkey. Will post some animal pictures later. The place we stayed was terrific. It was a tented camp, but the tents had cement floors, full western-style bathrooms attached and the veranda in front overlooked the Serengeti. If you compared it to a five-star hotel, it was very disappointing, but if you compared it to sleeping in a small nylon tent on the ground, it was a five-star hotel. I have posted pictures of the camp. Animals later. I feel very refreshed and invigorated, so it was worth it--even with the rain.
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