Monday, October 12, 2009

Wiser and healthier but $800 poorer--not a bad trade off. I saw three physicians and a cardiologist at one hospital and a specialty clinic, had an EKG, blood work, and a three-hour stay for observation. It turns out the diagnosis of my doctor friend in the U.S., looking only at emailed pictures, was correct. The problems were inferior medications (Chinese knock-offs) and complications from heart related problems. I'm now on new, stronger meds with a directive to return in seven days if there is no improvement, but the doctor is very confident the problem has been solved. The surgeon who examined me said no surgery was necessary which is rare coming from a surgeon. My heart problems are also being treated. My blood pressure is back to normal, but the doctor was concerned that my b/p meds are too strong. I've said good-bye to salt, now I say good-bye to sugar. The doctors here in Mwanza are competent and caring but much more expensive, although probably not by American standards--especially with no insurance. All the doctors say it is crucial to keep my feet elevated at every opportunity (including sleeping) which is going to be difficult--for me.
I also bought the aluminum sheet for filter production, ordered the copper tubing, and made a great new contact who wants brochures for the filters. He wants no money, but will help sell filters all over Mwanza. We may need two new molds. The car is not fixed, the new part came in but they need some other parts that didn't come with it and are not available new, so we will be here one more day while they search for used parts and may have to drive home with the car the way it's been since August. Did not meet with the two individuals I had hoped to see because the Zain executive is at a funeral in Shinyanga and the pastor has malaria.
I hate to sound like an old person whining about his health, but there are some who really wanted to know. Sorry for the rest of you. I am reading "Into Africa" about Stanley and Livingstone and wow did they suffer. Makes me feel like a malingerer.
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