Friday, October 30, 2009

The whole team is back in the U.S. as I write this, but I want to say a special word about David and Ginny Poulter of Gravette who led the mission team: we became friends when I first came to the pastorate in Gravette, Arkansas, in 1992. They were not members of my church, but attended another in town--regularly, and serve as youth pastors at present. They were always there to help whenever we needed it which was often in those days. We went on a Caribbean cruise together and later, after I had moved to Fayetteville, they went to the Amazon with me (and a group of nineteen) to build a church in the jungle on a hill above the Amazon river. They came on the very first trip here and have made six more trips here to Tanzania to do mission work which makes them special indeed. David is now a board member of the One Book Foundation which supports our work here. They are, like many others, sources of strength for us. They are hardly rich in material terms, but are so spiritually wealthy, they give much away. There are many people behind our mission, and I don't mean to make any of their contributions appear insignificant, but David and Ginny are very special to us and our mission. They want to try to come and stay for a whole month sometime which we would welcome wholeheartedly. And while every single person who supports us with prayers, gifts, and service is loved wholly and completely by John, Karen, and I, David and Ginny are special friends deserving of the prayers of all. Ginny was injured much more than anyone knew on this last trip, and I could not have done much of anything to keep everything together without David. We are blessed to have them as friends, and they are true servants of our Lord. God bless them, and all like them who have hearts for mission and the needs of all of God's children.
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