Monday, October 26, 2009

Things are winding down. The group leaves tomorrow to Mwanza to fly to Arusha. On Wednesday, they fly back to the U.S., and we will miss them very much. In spite of the difficulties, they accomplished a lot, made many new friends, and left us with a few new projects. We are sorry that anyone was hurt, but only Carol still has lingering pain from her broken wrist, and we are confident that as soon as she is home, she can get excellent care from her own doctors. Our own staff, the orphanage staff, the church members, the doctors and nurses at the Coptic Hospital, and the other friends they have made here are all sorry to see them go. We ask that you pray for their safe journey and the new way they will perceive the world after having been a part of ours for a while. God was here the whole time and they will all remain as part of our hearts forever.
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