Friday, October 23, 2009

Quite a day. Nurses, doctors, and patients all got pretty teary when our nurses showed back up to work with them. Sometimes, God's plans work out so much better than our own. Got the car from the police to the repair shop. Will cost about $3,000 to get back to good as new, but considering what shape it is in now and what a new one would cost, this is good news indeed. It will take a couple of weeks, but you shouldn't rush repairs as extensive as this. All our crew are feeling better, and all but one will be going to the AIDS babies orphanage tomorrow. Our doctor saw her tonight and will come again tomorrow and told her she is doing really well. It also helps that our local Catholic priest comes to see her every morning. She feels surrounded by God's love--not a bad thing by any means. John made his famous chili tonight and everyone loved it. A lay pastor came by to check on my condition and brought me a live chicken as a token of his caring. Got a little teary myself over that. David and John did wiring jobs and fixed lights and fans today, so everyone has more light and better cooling. We are really gonna miss these guys when they leave next Tuesday. They have brought so much to us in inspiration and love. What a group! Keep them in your prayers. Did I mention that Ann brought sixteen people to Christ today at the hospital? We heal 'em heart, body, and soul. The prayer beads were a huge hit and the nurses want Amy and Jerry to bring some more when they come--for the AIDS patients. God bless all who are keeping us supported in your prayers.
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