Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The part for the car is supposed to be in today or tomorrow (ordered in August), so I will be traveling to Mwanza to get the car repaired and stock up on stuff we can only get there. Stuff like caulking, sliced cheese (we try not to get them mixed up when making sandwiches), bacon, metal for the filters, copper tubing for the filters, etc. Our trips to Mwanza are never leisurely strolls around the city but jam packed shopping from one store to another. No Walmarts or Home Depots, everything is sold in a separate shop down narrow one-way streets with thousands of people and cars clogging everything. It is not usually a fun time, but it is necessary--it's also a three-hour trip, one way and costs about $80 in diesel. I'm sure there are lots of rural Americans who also have to travel a lot to get what they need, but there is usually a Walmart at the end of their journey. Oh, and the air-conditioning is out on the car I have to use because that is what I am going to get fixed. It may be cold where you are, but it is hot here just two degrees south of the equator. Looking forward to the group coming in a week or so.
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