Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The news is not horribly bad, but it is not wonderfully good either. As our five women nurses were being driven back to Bunda yesterday afternoon, the driver suddenly lost consciousness and the car ran off the road and into a deep ditch. Everyone escaped with minor injuries, but I think "minor" means it didn't happen to you. The worst injury was a broken wrist suffered by Carol Juliano. She is now the proud owner of a new cast. June Chelvsig suffered lacerations on her leg that required sutures. Ann Hudnut had a bruised rib and bruised legs. Sue Carnahan banged her knee pretty good, and Ginny Poulter will be sitting down very gingerly for a while. A man studying for the priesthood happend by, knew me, and took all five women back to the hospital where they had been working. David and I rushed to Musoma as soon as they called us. Everyone was kept overnight and David and I stayed with them. All were released today and are all back in Bunda, sorer but wiser. They will all be able to keep their plane schedules next week. They are all in great spirits and are real troupers. We will adjust our schedule to meet their needs, but all want to continue doing some kind of mission. Ann insists on going back to pray with the ladies dying of AIDS. Neither the doctors nor the hospital would accept any payment for anything saying it was just part of their mission. All of the ladies are an inspiration to me, joking their way through all their pain and treatment. Alas, the vehicle did not escape with minor injuries and will be some time getting better. The police will keep it for a day or two to write a report and then turn it over to us to begin repair (major). The driver was unhurt, but ran away, is now unemployed and the police are searching for him. David and I both blame ourselves for not driving that day, but the ladies refuse to let us assume any blame at all--God love 'em. God was with us, is with us, and always will be with us. Pray for their quick healing.
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