Thursday, October 22, 2009

The ladies are anxious to get back to work at the hospital tomorrow. All but Carol are going, and Carol just has to wait for the local doctor to check her cast tomorrow. Saturday, I think all we can fit in the car will go to the orphanage. Without the other car, getting everyone and their luggage to the airport was going to be a problem, but our Australian missionary neighbors happen to be going to Mwanza that day and will take two of our guests and luggage, so we can all get there in good order. We found the thief that stole Carol's passport and got it back, so everything is almost back to where it was except for a little lingering soreness. These mission workers are an inspiration to us and a real shot in the arm. David has been a big help. We will have to limp along with no driver and minus a vehicle for a few weeks, but we can handle the small stuff. Thanks for all your prayers and concern.
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