Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I guess having to pull off the road and wait for the fifty car motorcade of President Kikwete to pass by should have been a clue, but I was almost to Musoma. Today was the day they honor the death of Julius Nyrere, the father of Tanzania, but I didn't know that. I went to Musoma to cash a check because we were out of cash--bank was closed. I went to pay our social security for our staff--that office was closed. I went to deliver filters to the hospital. It was closed and the gate locked. However, I talked one of the guards into waking up the chief doctor and we were allowed in to deliver our filters and complete our planning for the group coming to work there. On the way out of town, I saw a lonely ATM machine that had only $300 in cash left in it. That will tide us over, so I am back with my feet up taking my medication like a good boy. I really need to get a calendar with all these holidays marked on it. I did think to buy toilet paper for our guests--some actually get testy if I forget it. Go figure.
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