Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The group has gone and is flying back to the U.S. today. They made a very real and significant difference while they were here, both in the work they did, and in their response to adversity. They were inspirational to all of us--missionaries and Tanzanians alike. This is usually the time we fall into a kind of "postpartum" depression (after a group leaves with three months ahead of us before we will hear "American" spoken again), but Karen and I are getting a free safari next week to try out a new company. We'll only be gone for three days but that will give John time alone to play the new video games the group brought, so everybody wins and has something to eagerly anticipate. We now have a much better and broader relationship with the Coptic Hospital and much may come of this. We should also be getting our internet back next week as well. If we can get the car fixed and my dratted leg will just clear up, we should all be peachy (it is getting better--just more slowly than I would like). Keep us in your prayers--the work continues.
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