Saturday, October 24, 2009

Got June to the orphanage using her hand-made crutches, and she just loved it. Ginny, Ann, June, and Sue played, fed, and held the babies while David repainted several cribs and fixed Lizbeth's car so she could drive to Nairobi next week to pick up her husband. We all prayed for the babies who were really sick--one little boy named Charles especially. Lizbeth fixed us an incredible lunch and we all overate. I managed to get the car out of the police lot and to a garage to begin repair, got some replacement parts needed for filter construction, and cashed a check at the bank to buy parts for the garage guys to use on the car ($1,500 worth). It was a long day for all of us, but one we wouldn't have missed. Karen stayed and visited with Carol while we were gone. Because of the transportation problem and the mobility problems of a couple of our guests, we will have our own church service here tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will post pictures of the orphanage trip.
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