Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The first day of working at the hospital went really well and all were pleased with the hospitality of the doctors and the wonderful attitudes of those they helped. We cannot post pictures because of patient confidentiality, but all were working in areas where they were needed. The hospital was overwhelmed with gratitude for the medications and supplies the group brought for them. Our crew was very busy, one worked in the pharmacy, one in administration, one in the lab, one taking vitals, and maybe most importantly, one praying and counseling with those dying of AIDS. David is busily trying to fix so many broken things around the mission compound that he will not finish, but we will live better because of his efforts. The group also helped the new church at Kabainja buy cement to build the foundation for their new building. They have made almost 2,000 bricks themselves but cannot make the cement. The group is enjoying the food, the climate, the surroundings, the morning devotions, the Bible study, and learning new things about themselves as well. We, here, so gratefully appreciate all the wonderful things they brought for us and are extremely grateful to all who helped contribute. The work continues as it always will. We must be obedient and available if God is to use us to serve Him as He needs and not as we think He needs. God bless all who support this mission.
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