Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today, Karen taught and John, Paul, Francis, and I went to Musoma (about an hour north of here). John went by Juasun (our internet NON provider) but no one was there who knew anything. I went by the bank since Martha had wired the October group's money on Monday, so cashed a check and then went and bought their plane tickets on Precision Air to get them from Mwanza to Arusha to make connections for flying back to the U.S. Delivered a filter to an Indian businessman, who, if he likes it, will order several more. Bought a propane refill for the kitchen for Karen's school (those tanks are heavy!). Went by the Coptic hospital to check on my blood pressure and adjust my meds. When I had it measured a month ago or so, it was 216/116, but today it was 182/103, so we are making progress. They increased my dosage and gave me some topical antibiotic for my leg, so we will see how that works. John bought some speakers and Paul went with him to keep him from being overcharged, and danged if Paul didn't sell a filter to the guy in the store. Stopped by the wazungu grocery on the way back to get Karen some cereal and some bubble bath. One of the clerks there has a thing for John which is kinda cute to watch. Back home now, exhausted but did what we had to do. Thankfully, all the days don't involve this much activity on my part. Keep those prayers comin', we sure do need 'em. Thanks ever so much.
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