Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today had a very unreal quality to it--the sun was shining, the power was on, our battery-powered satellite radio was playing NPR (yesterday's news, but new to us), none of us was sick, and the whole staff was here happily working. Days like this just don't come along too often. The internet is still down, but that's not news. It is at times like this that you come to understand that the present is just that--a "present". Thank you God for the good days. We delivered a filter to the priest at the Coptic Hospital today, sold another one to a very influential Indian merchant, and, at this very minute, Paul and Francis are out delivering two filters to a private secondary school with John along to take pictures. Paul sold five filters to the school and will deliver three more tomorrow. He now has orders for three more beyond that. This guy understands what this stuff is all about, and he is a wonderful Christian person. We've got some money in the bank and some food in the fridge. I feel sorry for all ya'll that ain't us today. Don't forget to check out the pictures at left.
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