Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This afternoon we had 12 teachers-to-be from the Bunda Teachers College along with their principal (dean in the U.S.) to observe Karen and her teaching techniques first hand. The smaller students loved the attention and proudly displayed what they have learned so far. The student teachers were in awe of what had been done and in such a short space of time.
She offered a packet of all the tools to be able to teach her way. To get the packet, they have to come help and get practice. The children had only been here 2 weeks and they wanted to know why she didn't have kids that didn't know English. Karen explained that none of the kids knew any English when they started just two weeks ago. The student teachers want to be partners now.
The Power Point presentation she showed them did wonders to let them know why she was doing things the way she does them. Paul took the opportunity to tell about the filters when they were leaving.

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