Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More rain today, but just for an hour or so. Paul was able to deliver three more filters to the secondary school and begin work on two more since that is the number of molds we have. He has orders for an additional eight which he will make two a day. Then it takes six days to cure, so we won't be delivering any more for a week or two. I met with the lay pastor from Lamadi and bought him a bicycle so he can reach the four churches he serves. Then in the afternoon, Festo, the pastor from Karikukari came by. Together, we bought another new bicycle for the lay pastor at Kabainja. This makes about twenty-five bicycles we have bought since we moved here. We've distributed about 1,000 Bibles in Swahili and over 2,000 mosquito nets in the past few years as well. There are times when we feel like we are not doing anything here and then there are days like today when I guess we are making a difference. Jesus said to give one cup of water to a thirsty child was like giving one to Him. There are thirsty children everywhere, not just here. Maybe you could offer just one cup?
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