Friday, September 4, 2009

Life here, like everywhere, has its ups and downs. Yesterday, Juliana's daughter, Lightness, graduated from the seventh grade. John was there to take pictures, and, because he was the only white person there, he made Lightness the belle of the ball. She was very happy. While this was going on, I was in Musoma at the Coptic Hospital having my blood pressure medication changed because it is getting worse. The doctors are worried and upset because they don't have the equipment to properly treat me. Breathing was something I never had to think about before. I must rest, take the new meds, and go back on Monday--if I can afford the diesel to make the trip. Finances are very tight here, as they are for many Americans as well. We can't afford the repairs the car needs, the minor surgery I need on my leg, or many other things as well. We had so many requests for help over the last several weeks that we have exhausted our reserve, although we were glad to be able to help. Juliana and Edina are both out with malaria today. Karen's school is still going in spite of Karen's often debilitating pain. My depression, with which I have struggled for decades, has reared its ugly head and taken over--leaving me unable or unwilling to send email, post to this blog, or even leave the house. We still have the struggle with church politics and it may be months before that is over and could mean the end of our mission here. I can't believe that God would let that happen, but the threat doesn't help my blood pressure or my depression. Keep us in your prayers and forgive us.
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