Monday, September 21, 2009

Internet is still out and the power has been out since Saturday night. The power went when a monsoon like storm tore up some of the roof thatching and put lots of water in all the buildings, including our house. High winds, rain, lightning, and loud thunder made everyone frightened for several hours. But no storm lasts forever. We clean up, fix up, and go on. Karen is teaching at her school, Paul is putting on a filter demonstration for a private school, Francis got more fuel for the generator, and we are all still going strong. A few mops, quite a few towels and a willingness to get our hands dirty works wonders for setting things right. A lot like life isn't it? Everyone gets these storms from time to time, but some run screaming and others just give up. If you have the right attitude and a few friends to help, there is not much we cannot overcome. Christ will give you the right attitude. Give Him your hands, He will send the friends, and storm clean-up doesn't take long, no matter the storm source. God bless.
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