Friday, September 18, 2009

The internet has been out since September 1st, and we don't know when it will be restored. We are able to communicate intermittently with our cell phones but that is expensive and cannot do anything large. The power is off and on every day--sometimes off for just a few minutes and sometimes for several hours. Diesel is back up to $ 6.50 a gallon which makes both travel and running the generator more expensive. Still, we are blessed in a land where so many have nothing. Paul is really doing a good job with the filters, and we are very proud of him. The church politics thing is not over, but it has moved to the back burner. We may not hear anymore about it. We do have a delegation of government folks (about twenty) coming on October 9th to see the place and learn about what we do. Why they are coming, we don't know, but they are always welcome. We are excited about the medical group coming next month and will keep them very busy. Oh, my blood pressure is doing better, but I still have the problem with those painful tumors in my right leg.
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