Sunday, August 30, 2009

Went to see the Archer's who are back from Australia after a year's furlough and their new baby. Helen Hoskins (also Australian missionary who lives in Bunda) was there and told me she has started a Girl Guides in Karikakari which is terrific. Helen reported killing three spitting cobras in the last month. We thanked her for keeping them from crossing the road and coming to our house. Tried to the get the wheelchair to the boy on Saturday but failed due to a funeral in the neighborhood. A young man was out after eleven pm waving a lot of money around and drinking. Someone killed him for the money. What a loss. Have not yet heard about Bwana Masele's operation. We are hoping that no news is good news. We are running out of American stuff, so will be very glad to see the group coming in October. Power was out all day today and had to eat chicken cooked over a charcoal fire. It was good. It may catch on.
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