Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well, Karen has her office set up out in her school--and if it had a bathroom we might not see her all day. She likes having a space to herself. John is setting up an office for himself in his side of the building, too. Both with wifi hookups for their computers. Living here, there is no concept of personal space and there are always people working in the house and outside as well. If John and Karen are out in the edu/tech center, then I can be alone in the house--with Juliana and Lusi, of course. Still, it will be nice to have a little space to ourselves. It has been really hot, so maybe it will rain tonight. It does that quite a bit--get really hot and then rain, but lately the rain has been very gentle which is good for everybody. Had another meeting yesterday about getting a kind of counseling hot line set up. It will take quite some time, and I think the others involved think I can do anything, but they are wrong. I will try, though.
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