Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We have been busy. Karen is in her third day of R and R at the Hotel Tilapia in Mwanza where she can swim, have a massage, rest in the air conditioning, read, and watch TV in English (well, some channels anyway). I have been driving a lot--Saturday to Musoma for missionary fellowship, Sunday to Karikakari, Monday to Mwanza, Tuesday to Musoma to the hospital for my blood pressure, Wednesday to Musoma again to deliver three filters, and tomorrow back to Mwanza to pick up Karen and get the car repaired (hopefully). The air conditioning compressor went out on Monday and they are trying to find a new one for me. Expensive little dudes at 1,500,000 Tsh for the part alone. Still, driving without air conditioning can be a killer here, if not for the heat--for the dust. John is out working on the tech center, and I am resting for the rest of the day. I've posted just a few of Chris Smith's pictures to give you an idea of how good he is. He gets $5,000 for one day's shooting at a wedding, and he is booked for two years. Enjoy.
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