Sunday, August 9, 2009

We had quite a Sunday. We drove over bad roads and no roads to a village where both Bishop Monto and myself prepared to consecrate four new lay pastors for the villages of Nakatubu, Muranda, Kabainja, and Nyamalebe. We celebrated Holy Communion and gave our visitors a taste of what church is like in a Tanzanian village. There were two choirs there, and church lasted from nine am to two pm. When we left, Cami said, "I've been to church!" Chris loved it as it reminded him of church services in the Congo when he was growing up. Karen's back was hurting, so she stayed home because of the extremely bumpy roads. Tomorrow, we take Chris and Cami to Mwanza to begin their journey home. Karen will stay in Mwanza for a few days of R&R. I have to make trips to Musoma on Tuesday and Wednesday and then back to Mwanza on Thursday to pick up Karen. It's been pretty busy here of late.
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