Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our guests climbed "Cobra Mountain" (the hills between us and the Serengeti) to take pictures on Tuesday and then walked into town and had a wonderful time meeting and getting to know the people of Bunda. Bishop Monto's son, Adam, is staying with us until he starts University next month, and he is acting as the Smith's personal guide and translator while they are here. They just love him. We went to Musoma yesterday and they took pictures of children while I went to immigration, the bank, and paid for a hand-cranked wheelchair for a ten-year-old boy here in Bunda who has withered legs. I also took them to the beach near the Peninsula Hotel, so they could take pictures. Today, I will drive them up to the cell tower where they can get shots of the Serengeti and Lake Victoria. Saturday, we will go to a missionary fellowship, and Sunday, we will worship at the village of Karekakari where I have about thirty people to baptize. You'd think with three photographers here, I would have pictures for you, but they shoot in what is called "raw" format and, so far, I haven't been able to get any I could post. Maybe today.
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