Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not much has happened in the last few days. I did get a bicycle purchased for the evangelist at the Muranda Church and got them five bags of cement so they can begin construction of a building. They have been making bricks since the rain stopped in June and are ready for the cement. Next month, I will do the same for the Kabainja Church. Tomorrow, I return to Musoma to hopefully pick up our renewed residence permits and the hand-powered wheel chair for a crippled boy here in Bunda. Got a meeting on Tuesday to move the crisis center along a little more. We've got lots of miles to travel to get it going, but every few feet we travel brings the end a little closer. You have to have a lot of patience here or you go nuts. Having to rest quite a bit since I can't seem to get my blood pressure down much. I am taking my meds and the Juliana and Lusi have hidden the salt shakers, so maybe it just takes more time--and more patience. Also, am having to deal with church politics which just makes my blood pressure go up even more. I hate church politics. If anything gets serious, I will post it later. Check out the new pictures on the left.
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