Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cami and Chris are back in the U.S., and we will really miss them. We had never even seen a picture of them until they arrived. Chris's mother, a former missionary in the Congo, had recommended that they get in touch with us. They had a wonderful time here and became fast friends. Cami even insisted that she now had another set of parents here in Tanzania. They took some incredible pictures, well, you would expect that of professional photographers. I will try to put together some of Chris's more artistic shots later. They also fell in love with our staff. I have put some of the pictures of the staff that they took on our Picasaweb site which you can get to by clicking on the picture at left. We feel like we have new children now in South Carolina. They told us that their home would always also be ours if we ever got back that way. What a wonderful visit. Now, it is back to work until the medical group comes in October. We will be ready for them.
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