Saturday, July 11, 2009

Traveled to the orphanage at Bweri today. Lisbeth was there, but she is leaving in August to go back to Sweden to visit her husband for a few weeks. Her husband, Daniel, lives and works in Sweden six months out of the year to help finance the orphanage. They still need a lot of help. The ladies, Tamara, Hannah, Brittany, loved the fifteen babies as they saw another side to the ravages of malaria and AIDS: the orphans they leave behind. There were two sets of twins whose mothers died in childbirth and two babies that had been abandoned and were sick with malaria and worms and covered in insect bites when Lisbeth got them. They are both healthy today, thanks to Lisbeth's loving care. It was a full, joyful, and reflective day. The power and internet have been out all day--I am using my phone to post this. Pictures tomorrow if the power and internet return.
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