Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today was a busy day. Went to Musoma: got a refill on our propane bottle, began the process to get a hand-powered wheelchair for a boy here in Bunda, went by Juasun to pay our internet bill, checked on the filter mold progress, transferred funds for a safari for the next couple coming in August, bought that same couple's plane tickets from Mwanza back to Arusha, delivered a small computer to the Anglican offices (met the Anglican bishop), went by the Social Security office to set up our workers to get social security here, and got money to buy mosquito nets, bibles, and some computer equipment for John. On the way home, gave two police officers a ride from Bweri to Kiabakari, and saw that the some potholes were being fixed. As we drove in to Maisha Na Maji, saw that we had visitors--some Assembly of God pastors and workers who wanted to send some gifts to Jimmye and Bill Whitfield. Paid the fundi for finishing one more door in the educ/tech center (one to go) and after that, just collapsed in my chair. Happily, this is not a typical day. Will have to drive to Mwanza next week, but can rest a little before that.
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