Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things have been kinda slow the last two days. I've been sitting around healing slowly, but the fever is gone and the swelling on each leg has subsided quite a lot. There was a very good board meeting in Arkansas on Saturday. They have sent us money to keep doing mission work and if I'm up to it, we will go to Musoma on Thursday to get some out of the bank and start buying mosquito nets and Bibles. Yesterday, I was watching a little four-year-old boy next door. He was whistling while he worked (yes, worked, age is not a factor if the whole family is working) stacking bricks. He could only carry one at a time and would have to stop, put the brick on his knees, and wave at me. He would also have to stop every now and then to pull his pants up. Still, I just love the little guy. He entertains the baby while its mother works and entertains me at the same time. I went out on the back porch and sang and danced the same song and steps that he was using. This pleased him no end, and made me happy, too. Thanks, Miori, for brightening my day. Thoreau said to improve the quality of the day was the highest of the arts. Way to go, Miori!
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