Friday, July 17, 2009

Sorry about the lack of posts for the last few days, but I have been sick. I got sick last Saturday and am still running fever and having headaches. Still, I drove the visitors to Mwanza and got the car repaired (an eight-hour trip) on Monday because there was no one who could do it. Had meetings with lay pastors, bishops, and government officials Tuesday and Wednesday. Drove to Musoma to install a filter at the Coptic Hospital on Thursday, again no one else to do it--Francis was working on a project with John. The doctor's seem to think I am simply reacting to overwork---moi? Today, I slept till ten am, had one meeting about school fees and am doing this. Then, back to bed.
Yesterday, John helped the guys from Juasun install twelve solar lights and solar panels to be our emergency security lighting system. We needed them last night when the power was out the generator was out of petrol. They worked better than expected. They charge all day and can run for twenty hours on a single charge. It will lower our electricity bill as well as giving us peace of mind when the power is out. John also purchased gravel and bricks and then supervised the laying out and placement of new paths for the edu/tech center. They look very nice--see pictures. Keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours.
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