Tuesday, July 28, 2009

John is building a patio, so today we brought large stones for the foundation from our neighborhood quarry. Got the storage room door up in Karen's school, began putting mosquito screens in the windows of the edu/tech center, and started getting ready for our visitors from North Carolina who arrived in Arusha tonight and will be here next Sunday. Of course, I forgot to call Pete and they had to take a cab, but all is well. Thursday, I go to Mwanza for more car repairs, to deliver and install a water filter, and so John can purchase some stuff for the computer lab. Michael, the evangelist from Mugango came today to see me and to pick up three sewing machines for his church. They are starting a small vocational school for the ladies there thanks to gifts from some ladies in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Life among the missionaries--never boring.
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