Friday, July 24, 2009

I am paying a retired, high-school, English teacher to come here to Maisha Na Maji three times a week to teach English to the three of our staff who come into most contact with our visitors: Paul, Francis, and Edina. They all requested the class and are hard-working students who love the class. Mr. Masele (the teacher) says they are all doing really well. It is just one more little gift to those who help us so much. It is only costing me about $40 a month, but the rewards are far greater than the cost. I hurt my back wrestling with an empty propane tank and am in a lot of pain, but that is my usual condition here. When someone is hurting from physical or emotional pain, the folks here say, "Pole" which means they empathize and are sorry someone else is hurting. If you are in a lot of pain, they say, "Pole sana" or really, really sorry. My name has become "Pole Sana, Baba!" they say it so often. I think it's kind of cool. We don't have a term in English that is equivalent. Feel free to use it with your friends and family. They will think you are cool. Oh, keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours.
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