Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another long day. Drove to Mwanza to pick up the luggage. The laptop computer, several DVD's, and some video games had all been stolen. Luggage moving to and from three African airports and sitting for a day is just an invitation. The projector, books, weaving stuff, and lots of DVD''s apparently too boring too steal all made it fine. I did put two tires on lay-a-way, bought the right size copper tubing, found a hardware store to rival Home Depot, picked up the papers I had left at the garage, and sold another filter (we have four that need to be made as soon as possible, but we needed the copper tubing to start). Long drive back, but Francis drove so it wasn't too bad. I had to drive in Mwanza because he has never driven there and doesn't know his way around yet. The graduation was a smashing success. Keith played Karen's guitar for the assembled guests. I will post pictures later today. John has been sick since before he left Arusha: fever, cough, and chills but no other malaria symptoms so it is probably the flu. Will take him to the Coptic Hospital in Musoma tomorrow just to be safe. Keep him in your prayers, please.
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