Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We have had no power and no internet since Saturday, so this is a little late. Sunday was quite a day. Because of the crowd (over 300 people), we set up tents outside the church and had the service and ceremony there (see pictures). A lot of dignitaries and pastors from other denominations were there including the pastor of the big Catholic church which pleased Juliana a lot. Oh, almost all of our staff was there. Our new driver, Francis, and Amos pulled chairs up to the fence inside Maisha Na Maji and listened from there. I spent about an hour before the service getting to know and talking to the District Commissioner from Musoma who was representing the Regional Commissioner of Mara Region. He was so impressed with what we are doing here that he threw away his prepared speech and talked about what we were doing and how that is what Christians ought to be doing--helping each other. Made some new friends, sold three filters, and helped feed that huge crowd. Made me really respect what Jesus did with those five loaves and two fish. On Monday, met a new missionary from Texas who was just here for a day, but who says he has been called by God to help with water filters in Tanzania. He ordered a filter, too, and it looks like we are going to have a long relationship with him and his group. As he was leaving, he told me even though it was a sin to envy, he was envious of me and sorry he had to go back to the U.S. Ah, if he only knew maybe he wouldn't be so quick to envy, and then again, maybe not.
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