Monday, June 1, 2009

Since I still had a fever of 101, Karen took off and drove to Nyamuswa to teach a two-day sanitation and hygiene seminar.  She took Lista from Tireme to train with Bibi Hawa from Nyamuswa.  The AIDS guy didn't show, so they just went on without him.  When I questioned Karen on the wisdom of doing work while she was not yet back to full strength, she said, "Well, God can just kill me, but I'd rather be doing His work than laying around."  Happily, God answered my prayers and not Karen's--she came back just fine.   I stayed at home where I had to deal with the power and water both being off.  Paul went into town and talked a plumber into coming out and now everything is hunky-dory.  We have new faucets in the kitchen, the water works, the thatching continues, and the power is back.  Lusi is in the hospital at DDH with malaria.  Please pray for her.  Karen is going back tomorrow for the second session, and we have German missionaries coming for a one-night visit on Wednesday.  They travel to Nairobi several times a year, and it's a two-day trip from Geita where they work, so they stay with us on the way up and on the way back.  They have the cutest little girls (three of them).
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