Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paul's sister is still in the hospital. After giving birth a few weeks ago, she had been losing blood and very ill. They did emergency surgery on Saturday to remove a bleeding ulcer and to drain about three quarts of blood from internal bleeding. She made it through the surgery and will stay in the hospital for another week or so. Now when I say "hospital", don't think about "House" or "ER", think "MASH". Surviving the surgery is just the first hurdle. Now she has to avoid infection and other complications which are very common. Please keep her and Paul in your prayers. Paul had to bribe the doctors to do the surgery because that's just the way things are done here. Karen and I are still pretty tired from all the to-do this week-end and visitors on Monday, but life goes on. We were able to get on the internet from our cell phones this morning for the first time since Saturday, so if we didn't respond to an email or twitter or facebook message, that's why. Thank you for your prayers and your support. We couldn't make it here without you.
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