Saturday, June 20, 2009

A lot is happening here today. The fundi's from Mwanza are here and the generator needs new rings, but they brought some with them and they are only charging me $10 for labor and nothing for the parts. Sometimes, things work out and sometimes they fall apart. I am more familiar with the latter than the former. Our wood fundi, Juma, is installing shelves in the school storage room. Samsom is repairing the hand pump so the church can use the water for tomorrow. Amos is helping bring and set up the poles for the tents around the church so that two or three hundred people can eat in the shade tomorrow. The special guests will be eating here in Martha's Place. There will be several Bishops and pastors of other denominations as well as the District Commissioner and the Regional Commissioner. We are waiting for the Bishops from the Christian Council of Tanzania and their wives who will be sleeping and eating here at Maisha Na Maji. Other than that, it is just a hot, lazy day here.
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