Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Karen braved the bad roads and her muscle pain to finish the seminar in Nyamuswa today--her birthday.  Happily, John and I had gotten our gifts much earlier, so when she came back, she discovered we had not forgotten her.  I had an almost good night and other than a headache, my fever seems to be gone.  We will be having overnight guests tomorrow, but today, it's just Karen and I.  The power has been pretty consistent over the last five days or so, we have our fingers crossed that it continues.  John has several of the little orphans at Pete's following him around.  He asked if he could bring two or three home.  One four-year-old girl calls him "daddy".  He will find it hard to leave, I suspect.  Keep him in your prayers.  Oh, like Kabasa did, Nyamuswa is beginning a Methodist church as a result of the seminars and caring demonstrated by Karen and Lista.  Evangelism comes in many forms.
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