Friday, June 26, 2009

I didn't make it to Mwanza today. A very small mosquito has made me ill, again. I am coming to hate malaria. The doctor is coming when he gets back from Mwanza to take blood and fuss over me. Our German missionary friends are here after three weeks in Nairobi for medical reasons. They gave me some bitter tea that they say will prevent malaria. I will try anything. We needed the generator for the first time today and it worked for four hours before it died and started to smoke. The fundis are coming from Mwanza tomorrow morning, so we will see. Karen wasn't happy with the road work today and refused to pay the guys and they knew they hadn't worked hard but promised to do better tomorrow. Our new driver is working out very well, and we are very happy with him. Also, Paul, is taking more of a supervisory role with the fundis who come and we are glad of that, too. There is a big meeting here tomorrow that I will miss. I have to get better quickly because I have to drive to Mwanza on Monday to pick up John and Keith. Keep me in your prayers.
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